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Solid Dish Soap
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Solid Dish Soap


    These 8oz solid dish soaps are the perfect zero-waste alternative to traditional liquid dish soap.

    Aside from being an incredibly effective cleaner, another bonus of these are how long they will last you. This can last you upwards of 6-8 months with proper usage and will replace 3 large bottles of liquid dish soap.

    Gentle for the hands, it cuts crease effectively and pairs perfectly with dishcloth, loofah, and natural bristle brushes. It is also a powerful stain remover for any oil and stain on fabrics.

    We have made this soap in a cute stainless steel dish with a matching lid so you don’t have to look at it on your counter when you aren’t using it.

    Once you are finished with this soap, you can come back and simply order replacement soap to achieve true zero waste.

    Directions: Wet a scrubber, sponge or cloth with water and rub into the solid dish soap. Using circular motions, build up suds on your brush and wash away! Repeat this as needed to produce the perfect amount of suds. Allow solid dishwashing block to air dry between uses.

    This pairs nicely with our eco friendly biodegradable sponge or our eco friendly dish brush