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Eco Friendly Dish Brush
Eco Friendly Dish Brush
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Eco Friendly Dish Brush


    This Eco Friendly Dish Brush is perfect for washing dishes while being kind to the environment. The brush is made from natural bamboo, a sustainable resource that is both cost effective and planet friendly. With its sturdy construction and round handle, this dish brush fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.  

    Save money by only replacing the brush head instead of the entire brush and help reduce your carbon footprint in the process. Feel good about making a more earth friendly choice for your kitchen.

    This Eco Friendly Dish Brush is designed to make dishwashing easier with it's ergonomic handle.  It helps reduce strain and discomfort, making it suitable for people with arthritis and other hand conditions. Because of it's design, it's easier for you to put in the "elbow grease" if needed.  The bristles are made from bamboo and are also kind to your dishes so there are no scratches or gouges.  

    These pair nicely with our handmade dish soap.  You can also find out compostable sponges for another eco friendly choice