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Biodegradable Coconut Sponge
Biodegradable Coconut Sponge
Biodegradable Coconut Sponge
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Biodegradable Coconut Sponge


    These all natural sponges are made with 100% plant based materials. It is an odor free dish scrubber and does not collect germs like other plastic sponges.

    • DURABLE: With our natural coconut fiber scrubber you will get a strong eco friendly clean that works day after day! These kitchen sponges are made from 100% natural palm fiber for scrubbing. On the opposite side is a white cellulose cleaning sponge that offers powerful scrubbing to provide you with a natural, efficient, and practical way to clean your home. Cellulose sponges are made from wood pulp, and the small holes inside them help to absorb liquid and hold it inside the sponge for easy cleaning. These sponges work well on dishes, countertops, bathroom surfaces, and everyday spills.

    • NO SCRATCH SCRUBBER: Our kitchen sponges and scrubbers will definitely get your kitchen and your dishes clean, and it will do it without scratching anything. The cellulose and coconut materials in the dish sponges are powerful and durable without causing harm to the surfaces in your home.

    • BIODEGRADABLE: Due to plant-based fibers, these natural kitchen sponges dissolve into the soil to help reduce landfill build-up and reduce impact on environment which makes it the perfect compostable sponge for your kitchen.

    All of our sponges have a hole to help with cleaning handles, cutlery or hanging it up to dry in your sink. This item pairs nicely with our Solid Dish Soap or our eco friendly dish brush