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Lanolin Lip Balm - Various flavours
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Lanolin Lip Balm - Various flavours


    Have dry, cracked, peeling lips? Our lip balm has some star ingredients that will help.

    Lanolin has phenomenal properties to both heal, moisturize, and refresh dry skin. Used by many for skin conditions such as dryness, flaking, redness, eczema, psoriasis and more. Fatty acids within the Lanolin are also considered the building blocks of skin cells, which makes them a vital component for skin repair and regeneration.

    Our beeswax is from a local beekeeper. Beeswax works to protect your lips from the elements and has Vitamin A. Beeswax seals in moisture and protects against dryness.

    Cocoa Butter
    Not only is cocoa butter an excellent natural and organic alternative to many manmade substances, like petroleum, that often form the bases of lip balms, but it is also naturally loaded with vitamin E which helps to maintain healthy skin

    We never use plastic to package our lip balm. Instead we use recyclable cardboard tubes to help be good stewards of our planet.


    Cherry Kiss - Sweet and tangy red cherry married with hints of fresh fruit syrup.

    Grape - Candy concord grapes makes up this classic favourite.

    Bubble Gum - Lip-smacking goodness of strawberry, sun burst orange, and spun sugar with a hint of mint to keep it fresh. Delicious!

    Lemon Lime - Fizzy and effervescent is the blend of fresh lemons and limes.

    Life’s a Peach - Effervescent citrus nuances add a sparkle to the fuzzy peachy signature.

    Key Lime Pie - The sparkling key lime nuance is supported and softened by creamy notes of fresh whipped cream and warm vanilla.

    Sugared Strawberry - Delectable vine picked strawberries are blended with sugared vanilla for mouth watering goodness.