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Shower Steamer (Various Aromatherapy Blends)
Shower Steamer (Various Aromatherapy Blends)
Shower Steamer (Various Aromatherapy Blends)
Shower Steamer (Various Aromatherapy Blends)
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Shower Steamer (Various Aromatherapy Blends)


    New size! I am making these in large style format so you can get 6 showers by breaking it apart or one super large shower.  Each steamer weighs a whopping 275 grams (Compared to the old style at 55 grams).  This gives you maximum flexibility to have 6 glorious aromatherapy showers or 3 super charged ones or a massive singular shower.  Please note, that for me, 1/6 of this steamer (one of the bricks) last me a full shower but each person has their preference.  Store the remaining bricks in a Tupperware container or a plastic bag to keep out moisture.

    Enhance your shower with the Shower Steamer and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of natural essential oils. Simply place the steamer in the corner of your shower and enjoy the refreshing aromas and therapeutic benefits of various aromatherapy blends. Breathe in the mood enhancing aromas and enjoy the real benefits of the essential oil blend.

    Each product has a specific purpose in mind. All of the shower steamers are made with essential oils and come with the same benefits each specific essential oil offers. Just place them on the floor of your shower. The water from your shower will activate the steamer and release the essential oils and aromatherapy in your shower.

    If you find it to be too powerful, simply move it to the edge of your shower so that less water falls on the steamer. This will release the aromatherapy at a slower rate.

    Caution: do not use these in a bath. They are only meant for use in your shower.

    The price is for one (1) steamer.

    Steamer types:

    Focus: These steamers are made with Rosemary Essential Oils.

    Sinus: These steamers are made with Eucalyptus Essential Oils and Menthol Crystals.  This will help if you are stuffed up or congested.

    Sleepy Time: These steamers are made with Lavender, Ylang/Ylang and Chamomile Essential Oils.


    Simply place one tablet at the foot of your shower in a stream of water. As the tablet gets wet it dissolves and releases essential oils and menthol into the hot shower steam. Breathe deeply and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils.


    We wrap our bath bombs in Biolefin TM shrink wrap. This is a 100% biodegradable (Oxo-biodegradable) plastic shrink wrap that quickly bio-degrades into food for bacteria and other microorganisms after entering the environment. It does not degrade into micro plastics. It requires the heat, wind and moisture of other garbage to degrade and will be completely eliminated in 6-8 months. Simply place in your regular garbage and let nature takes its course.