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Handmade Bubble Bath
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Handmade Bubble Bath


    Relax in luxury with this bubble bath. Only a small amount is needed to create lots of foaming bubbles.  With a fragrant aroma, it leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated and includes vegan ingredients including Aloe Vera and luxurious oils.  Its natural bubble-making properties create a spa-like atmosphere, perfect for soaking away your worries.

    Each item is 8oz of bubble bath.

    Juicy Fruit - This fragrance is a spot on duplication of juicy fruit gum.

    Cranberry - Tart and sweet cranberries on a warm musk base.

    Strawberry - bursting with the scents of fresh picked strawberries and sunny peach blossoms, mellowed with the aromas of cotton candy and creamy coconut.

    Rootbeer - a wonderful aroma of the classic drink with hints of vanilla bean, clove and bergamot. We also added a purple colour to the bubble bath that will change the cath water to a fun purple but won’t stain you or your tub.

    Ocean - Top note is Water Lily; middle notes are Lily-of-the-Valley, Jasmine, Violet, Geranium and Rose; base notes are Musk and Sandalwood.