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Personalized Ornaments

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Custom Orders

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If you can read this. Bring me a glass of wine.

If you want a custom saying. Use this to let us know what to put on the bottom. Write it as follows:

Sock bottom #1: If you can read this
Sock bottom #2: Bring me a sprite

Custom Mugs - Any picture or design you want!


Personalized Stuffed Animal

Enter the babies first and last name
Enter the babies date of birth
Enter the city and province the baby was born in
Enter the time the baby was born. Don't forget to tell us if it was AM or PM.
Enter the babies length (in inches)
Enter the babies weight at birth (in pounds and ounces)

Custom Children's Tshirt


Character Ornaments - Grinch


Burlap Tote - Teacher's Apple

Please type the name exactly as you want it to appear on the tote.

I'm too magical for your bullshit


Character Ornaments - Jack or Sally from Nightmare before Christmas