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Bubble Basket
Bubble Basket
Bubble Basket
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Bubble Basket


    The Bubble Basket is the perfect way to get more out of your bubble bar. Its innovative design maximizes your bubble output, allowing you to use less product while delivering big bubble fun. Save money and get more bubbles with the Bubble Basket!

    What is a bubble basket you ask?

    It is a basket that you put bubble bars, bubble doughs or anything bubbly and you hang the handle on the faucet while your bath fills up. This allows for more water flow to get the most bubbles out of your solid bubble bath products and no need for a metal strainer. These are durable, made from a plant based plastic, and you don't need to hold the strainer underneath the running bath water.

    You can use our bubble basket with our bubble bars or any other companies bubble bars, wonder bars or bubble dough. Check out our bubble bars here: http://bitly.ws/BKVX

    Do not put in dishwasher or use very hot water (over 110 F) as it can warp and ruin the plastic.


    The best way to get the maximum amount of bubbles is to crumble a piece of your bubble bar into our Bubble Basket. This basket will hang on your tub faucet and the running water will slowly release the bubble potential into your bath. Our baskets are reusable.