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Pear Berries Soap
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Pear Berries Soap


    Say goodbye to boring showers with Pear Berries Soap. Transport yourself to a summer wonderland with its refreshing scent of pear, berries, apple, freesia and musk. This all natural soap is not just fun and colorful, but will sparkle and shine, naturally!

    Scent: The fruity, sweet air of a summer picnic.  Includes notes of Anjou pear, wild berries, apple blossom, golden freesia and blonde woods.

    Additives: Biodegradable glitter

    Are you using soap or detergent?

    Most commercial soap found in the drug store is not really soap, but a combination of skin-drying alcohol, detergents and salts made from synthetic and petroleum-based chemicals and preservatives that are cheap to produce. Many of the same ingredients found in shower gels can be found in industrial cleansers such as engine degreasers. Genuine soap is made with natural ingredients that can be found in your kitchen pantry, and processed in ways that have virtually no negative impact on your skin or the environment. Unlike detergents, true soap is naturally moisturizing, non-drying and essential for good skin care.

    Try our all natural handmade soap and enjoy the difference.