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Turns out I'm the mom ... teach to swear - Wine Tumbler
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Turns out I'm the mom ... teach to swear - Wine Tumbler


    The benefits of a double walled wine tumbler are:

    • If you put in cold wine or a cold cooler, it will stay cold
    • If you put in room temperature wine, it will stay room temperature and not heat up from the heat of your hand.
    • The leakproof lid will help the wine from spilling all over your surface (some liquid will spill if the spout if at the bottom when it spills)
    • If you drop your tumbler it will not break or shatter.

    We have printed the shown image directly on both sides of our wine tumbler. Running this tumbler in the dishwasher will not affect the image, however to preserve the long term life of a powder coated tumbler it is recommended that you hand wash.

    Each Tumbler comes with a clear lid, is wrapped in bubble wrap and packaged individually in white boxes.

    - 12oz Capacity
    - Double Walled Stainless Steel
    - Leakproof Acrylic Suctioned Lid
    - Hand washing is recommended.

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