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Set of 6!
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Set of 6 Mini Bath Bombs


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    These treats are 40g each and will create bubbles in the tub but won't stain you, your kids or your tub.  Each treat has a hidden surprise colour inside for some extra fun.

    The purchase price is for 1 (one) full set of 6 mini bath bombs.

    This product makes the perfect gift for anyone, including your family, friends, neighbors and/or children's teachers.

    BATH BOMB DIRECTIONS: Place the treat in a warm bath and watch the magic of bubbles, colours, smells and fizz.  

    PACKAGING: Each treat automatically comes packaged in biodegradable shrink wrap to reduce the impact on the environment. Simply discard the waste in your regular garbage and the heat, wind and moisture of the landfill will eliminate the wrapping in 9 months. For more information on this eco friendly shrink wrap click here: http://www.nationalshrinkwrap.shoppingcartsplus.com/f/bio_sheet.pdf


    1. Oceanus (Light Blue): This "Body Shop Type" Oceanus fragrance is fresh and slightly salty
    2. Lavender (Light Purple): Our Lavender Fragrance Oil is the perfect, delicate scent of fresh lavender blowing in the summer wind.
    3. Black Current Sorbet (Dark Purple): Our Black Currant Sorbet Fragrance Oil is a delicious combination of strawberry, green apple, and apricot top notes, elegantly blended with black currant, jasmine and rose petals, all put together with a sweet base of cotton candy and vanilla.
    4. Peach (Peach): Deliciously sweet notes of juicy peaches capture the spirit of this perfect, market basket delight!
    5. Mad Moon (Red): You will go mad for the delicious aroma of warm apple cider, rich with crisp cosmic apples and juicy pears that have been cored, sliced and seasoned with sugar and spice.
    6. New Awakening (Teal): Awaken your senses with an energizing blend of mandarin oranges and wild mint paired with nuances of field lavender, aromatic thyme and sweet basil that trail into the warmth of sun-dried patchouli and warm amber.

    A note about handcrafted items:  We make everything in our home studio for your enjoyment.  It is all hand molded/crafted.  So there may be slight imperfections or weight variations.  This is the beauty of handmade.  Thanks for shopping a small local business.