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If you are picking up from my home studio in Royal Oak, Victoria BC then there is NO COST (free). Just choose the pickup option when you check out.
Lump of Coal Bath Bomb
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Lump of Coal Bath Bomb


    Contactless pickup in Royal Oak (Saanich, BC) if needed.

    We are offering this set of 4 bath bombs in a lump of coal bag. Each bomb is individually wrapped (see below) so they won’t activate early and can be saved for a future day.

    Coloured in black and scented in Rootbeer. These treats are 75g each and will create bubbles in the tub but won't stain you, your kids or your tub (Although black water based dye might need a tiny rinse in the shower).

    The purchase price is for 4 bath bombs in lump of coal bag.

    BATH BOMB DIRECTIONS: Place the treat in a warm bath and watch the magic of bubbles, colours, smells and fizz.  Place the frosting under running water to create bubbles.

    PACKAGING: Each treat automatically comes packaged in biodegradable shrink wrap to reduce the impact on the environment. Simply discard the waste in your regular garbage and the heat, wind and moisture of the landfill will eliminate the wrapping in 9 months. For more information on this eco friendly shrink wrap click here:

    A note about handcrafted items:  We make everything in our home studio for your enjoyment.  It is all hand molded/crafted.  So there may be slight imperfections or weight variations.  This is the beauty of handmade.  Thanks for shopping a small local business.