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Let the beets drop - Kitchen Tea Towel
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Let the beets drop - Kitchen Tea Towel


    Let's the beets drop...

    The kitchen tea towel is a 16”x24” Waffle Weave Towel.  Made from microfiber so it's perfect kitchen towel and easy to wash and perfect to clean up any mess.  

    • 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide
    • Looped Microfiber, Waffle Pattern
    • Lint Free
    • 500x Washable
    • Cloth Weight: 74 Grams
    • The microfiber waffle weave is very commonly known throughout the microfiber industry. It is called a waffle weave because the towel has raised looped edges on the surface of the towel in the shape like that on a delicious Belgium Waffle. These “pockets” that are created hold water while the surface of the cloth stays dry making it an exceptional drying towel! The raised looped edges on this lint free towel make it great for all around use, while also being great on glass. Like other looped microfibers, they have an extended life compared to unlooped microfibers. 

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