If you are picking up from my home studio in Royal Oak, Victoria BC then there is NO COST (free). Just choose the pickup option when you check out.
Lemon Grass
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Lemon Grass


    Contactless pickup in Royal Oak (Saanich, BC) if needed.

    All the soaps are handmade using the highest quality, sustainably sourced. ingredients.  Each bar weighs 4 oz.  Use a natural premium quality handmade soap and support a small business.

    SCENT: Lemongrass:   Lemongrass essential oil has a strong earthy, lemony scent which is very fresh.

    PACKAGING: All soap comes in a recyclable Kraft box.

    A note about handcrafted items:  We make everything in our home studio for your enjoyment.  It is all hand molded/crafted.  So there may be slight imperfections or weight variations.  This is the beauty of handmade.  Thanks for shopping a small local business.