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Foaming Hand Soap - Multiple Kid Friendly Fragrances
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Foaming Hand Soap - Multiple Kid Friendly Fragrances


    We have taken the fun and lightness of foaming hand soap and added some unique and fun fragrances!  This isn't something you will ever find in a regular store.  To start this line we have made add our fun Juicy Fruit Fragrance.  With more fun scents to come.

    Our  foaming hand soap is made in our home studio with 100% saponified vegetable oils to produce a rich thick lather that glides on the skin like silk. It contains no sulfates, phthalates or parabens. 

    This soap is packaged in an 250 ML foaming container. This bottle is PET plastic and is recyclable.  

    Scent: Juicy Fruit - This fragrance is a bang on duplication of the real Juicy Fruit Gum.  The intoxicating, sweet and juicy scent of a banquet of ripe fruits come together in this fragrance.

    Scent: Rootbeer - Feel yourself being transported with the classic Root Beer Fragrance Oil, a wonderful aroma of the classic drink with hints of vanilla bean, clove and bergamot. Perfect for friends and family of all ages!