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Canucks Lips Pillow
Canucks Lips Pillow
Canucks Lips Pillow
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Canucks Lips Pillow


    We print directly onto the pillow, so no need to worry about washing/cleaning.  You can pick from either blue or silver base colour lips.  Just remove the pillow insert and put the cover in the washing machine under a gentle cycle.

    We have three different pillow covers to choose from:

    1. Faux Burlap
    2. White Canvas
    3. White Peach Skin - Peachskin is a midweight woven polyester that has been abraded until it has soft smooth texture similar to the skin of a peach.  Very soft and perfect to cuddle with.  Similar in feel to Minky Fabric.

    Please note:  The white canvas and the White Peach Skin both LOOK the same.  The only difference is the feel of the fabric.