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Bath Bomb Flower Pot - A bath bomb and solid bubble bar in one
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Bath Bomb Flower Pot - A bath bomb and solid bubble bar in one


    We start with a cupcake bath bomb filled with exotic oils meant to soothe those muscles.  The top "frosting" is a bubble bar that makes so many frothy bubbles. We finish it off with some biodegradable eco glitter

    Break the top portion of the bubble bar off under warm running water emerge it until its completely dissolved. Agitate the water by hand for extra frothy bubbles. Throw your bath bomb base in the tub jump in and enjoy.

    As an extra bonus, it will colour your bath water in the colour base bath bomb.

    Measures 3.5" by 3."5 by 2" and weighs approximately 225g.


    - Baking Soda
    - Citric Acid
    - Cocamidapropyl Betaine 
    - SLSA
    - Cream of Tartar
    - Sweet Almond Oil
    - Polysorbate 80
    - Scent: Various... see listing
    - Vodka - (OMG!  Why Vodka... it's just enough to wet the bomb and have it set in the mold... then because it's alcohol it will evaporate)
    - Mica/Krazycolours (for colour)

    A note about handcrafted items:  We make everything in our home studio for your enjoyment.  It is all hand molded/crafted.  So there may be slight imperfections or weight variations.  This is the beauty of handmade.  Thanks for shopping a small local business.