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Shower Steamers
Shower Steamers
Shower Steamers
Shower Steamers
Shower Steamers
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Shower Steamers


    Why just have a shower when you can lavish your whole-body with a therapeutic shower experience? Our shower steamers make your everyday shower feel like a spa right at home! Infused with a special non-medicated mixture of menthol crystals and essential oils, our shower steamers burst to life when they come in contact with the water in your shower to release an exhilarating, soothing vapor that will make you never want to leave.

    These steamers are a must-have during cold and allergy season to relieve sinus pressure.

    ** Please note that the menthol crystals are a significant portion of the recipe and will be the more prominent than the essential oils.  Most people find that it is better to break their brick in half and use half a brick per shower.    

    Change the way you start or end the day with fun and fab shower steamers that will help you feel:

    • Awake, energized and refreshed,
    • Relief from sinus problems, colds, and allergies,

    Price: $3 for one full steamer (includes one full steamer with dividers to easily break it into 4 pieces) or $10 for 4.

    Directions: Place the steamer on the floor of your shower, in the corner and out of direct water. The steamer will still need some water contact to activate the menthol crystals and oils, so make sure water can still splash on the steamer. I've found that placing the steamer opposite of the shower head creates the perfect experience, letting my body block most of the water but still allowing some water to the steamer.

    If you are looking for a huge blast of menthol, let the steamer soak up some water and then crush it with your hand to instantly activate and relieve sinus pressure.

    Notes: Each steamer is roughly 50g. One steamer will last 1-2 regular showers. The design of the steamer allows you to easily break off a piece if you don't want to use the entire steamer at once.

    This product is made for taking showers and are not suitable while taking a bath.

    PACKAGING: Each treat automatically comes packaged in biodegradable shrink wrap to reduce the impact on the environment. Simply discard the waste in your regular garbage and the heat, wind and moisture of the landfill will eliminate the wrapping in 9 months. For more information on this eco friendly shrink wrap click here: