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What's the deal with Christmas?

by G D on October 24, 2018

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Mostly...

Christmas is a time for family.  A time for friends.  A time to relax and enjoy the company with those you love.  A time to celebrate.  A time to worship (for some).  And for some, the tradition includes giving gifts.  

We want to find the perfect gift for those we love.  That mug or tshirt or plaque or ornament (and lots more!) that speaks to you and is perfect! 

However, this shop is a made to order, custom shop.  Lots of items are designed and ready to roll within 24-48 hours of ordering.  But at Christmas time things can get a little crazy in our Santa's workshop.  

Please remember there is only one and at times 2 people in the studio crafting items just for you.  It may take longer than usual to get items out, but they will come to you well made and perfect.  If things take longer we will always communicate with you why and what time frame to expect.

Currently, we have the following cutoff dates to guarantee items will be crafted and arrive in time for Christmas:

For international customers (outside of Canada): November 26
For Canadian customers outside of BC: November 26

For Canadian customer inside of BC, but outside of greater Victoria: December 10

For customers in Greater Victoria that can come and pickup: December 20

**** Please note: These cutoff dates might change ... depending on the number of outstanding orders.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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