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Questions and Answers...

by Sharon Lancaster on July 06, 2017

We've had questions from people in the past and we thought we would answer some of them here... If you think of a question and it isn't here, please let us know at sharon@craftdelight.ca and we will add it!

Who is Craft Delight?

We are a home based business working out of Victoria BC.  There are two people (sometimes three) who help out at various stages.  We all have other full time jobs, but love to craft and create.  Combined there is decades of crafting experience.

Where are you located?

As mentioned above, we are a home based business of busy mom's doing this for the love of crafting.  So we operate out of one of the proprietor's homes.  If you want to come and tour the studio space or see how some of these items are made... let us know!  We love to invite people in to look behind the curtain.  Our address is #2-4619 Elk Lake Drive.  Across from commonwealth pool.

If I order something and want to pick it up to save on shipping, can I?

You betcha!  We have a very nifty porch pickup system in place.  Once you have placed your order we will work to quickly fill it.  Once your item is done we will either email/call/facebook message you to let you know it is ready for pickup with instructions on how to do so.

I saw something on Pinterest but don't see it in your shop.

This happens all the time.  We have lots of fancy equiptment and usually can create what your looking for.  A few things we can do... but not well enough to sell are sewing, knitting (although we have some nifty old fashion knitting machines that we would love to show off some time) and cooking.

What kind of machines/processes do you do most often?

We have a vinyl cutter to design and cut out vinyl and decals to place on items, to cut out vinyl or clothing.  We have almost every colour of vinyl including specialty ones like holographic, glitter and electric vinyl.

We have a sublimation machine which allows up to take pictures and print them onto mugs, pillow cases, bags and other.

We have a heat press that puts enough pressure and heat onto items to make sure that it is a professional application.

We have some woodworking tools to create signs and other wood items.

Once I've ordered something, how long till it's made.

This is a tricky question.  Because it depends on what you order.  Items like a beer caddy require us to build the caddy, stain it, design and get approval for the graphics and paint those onto the caddy.  But keychains are usually in stock and you can have them in 5 mins.

Bottom line is that the most we take is 7-10 business days to complete an item but we will always communicate with you so that you are well aware of timelines.

Why do I have to pay in advance?

At craft delight we enjoy our work, but at the end of the day we are all supporting families and have to make solid business decisions.  We can't afford to pay for the materials to make a custom item (most of the time we cannot resell an item once crafted) and not have the sale complete.  The only way to ensure that we are not wasting out materials is to require payments in advance.

We do use PayPal as our gateway and PayPal will mediate a dispute if necessary, but this has never happened as we strive for customer satisfaction.

Can I pay by cash or etransfer?

Yes!  But it's not nearly as convenient.  Because we need payment in advance, this means two trips.  One to give us the payment and one to pickup your items.  But we do have a lockable mailbox for those odd occasions that people need the cash option.  

Etransfer is more convenient (etransfers to sharon@craftdelight.ca).  Just don't forget to add in the tax!  


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